Before you get behind the wheel of a new or used car from Patriot Auto Group, there are some things you should know. Being prepared for your test drive will make your entire car shopping experience easier, so make sure to keep all of the below factors in mind when you visit us for a test drive.

Ask Yourself: New or Used?

Knowing which type of car you want to test drive can help narrow down your buying options. Keep in mind that there are various pros to each buying option. For example, with a new vehicle, you’ll get to enjoy all the latest tech and safety features, while buying used will give you unlimited choices when it comes to makes, models, and trims.

Ask Yourself: What is My Budget?

You will also want to consider your budget. How strict are you on staying within your selected pay range? After all, your budget will not only impact your vehicle options, but it will also determine whether you decide to buy or lease your car.

Ask Yourself: Which Models or Features Do I Want?

Our dealers can help you prepare for your test drive appointment if we know which models you are interested in ahead of time. Feel free to visit our website and browse our available inventory to find a few models that appeal to you.

Whether you end up buying new or used, your vehicle will come with a long list of special features, so it helps to know which features you need or don’t need. Before your test drive, make a list of which features are must-haves versus which features are unnecessary.

When you are ready to take a test drive, contact Patriot Auto Group near Philadelphia, PA. Head online today to start shopping!