When it comes to part replacements for your vehicle, you have the option of choosing between OEM and aftermarket parts. Both types of car parts come with their own set of benefits, but if you’re unsure which option is best, contact Patriot Auto Group near Philadelphia, PA for expert advice.

Why Choose OEM Parts?

OEM car parts are made and manufactured in the same facility as your car. This side-by-side manufacturing process ensures that OEM parts are high-quality and provide a perfect fit every time.

That’s why OEM parts come with warranties to help cover expenses in the event that you have any problems. Because OEM parts are only sold under one brand name—the same one as your vehicle—it allows for easy, stress-free shopping.

You can buy your OEM parts exclusively at one of our Patriot Auto Group dealerships. While they may be a tad more expensive than aftermarket parts, we believe the peace of mind you will get is well worth the extra money.

Why Choose Aftermarket Parts?

The biggest appeal to aftermarket parts is their lower price-tags and wide range of manufacturers, brands, and companies. While some drivers may prefer the wider selection available with aftermarket parts, most will feel overwhelmed and won’t know which brand offers the best quality parts. Because aftermarket parts are not made to fit your car, you might also have issues with fit, quality, and durability.

In addition, some aftermarket parts do not come with warranties. This leaves you responsible for the full cost of a replacement if your vehicle ever receives damage caused by these lower quality parts.

For drivers who need car parts right away, our parts experts are here to help. Bring your vehicle into our car dealership today to be serviced, inspected, and repaired. Visit us soon!