As we make our way into spring, many of our customers here at Patriot Auto Group are starting their spring cleaning journeys. While it’s immensely important to rid your home of any clutter accumulated during winter, it’s also important to clean your vehicle as well.

If you’re searching for ways to spring clean your car, pay a visit to our used car service center for expert tips and tricks. 

Spring Cleaning Services 

As the weather starts to turn, your car requires a variety of service and maintenance tasks to keep it performing optimally. Start by taking your used car to a car wash and vacuuming the interior while you’re there. This not only helps your car look nicer, but it also improves your car’s value should you ever decide to sell.

Routine Maintenance Tasks

Next, it’s time to schedule some basic vehicle maintenance tasks to make sure your car is in good working order. If it’s been a while since your last oil change, you might want to start there. Even if your car has been resting all winter, it still needs fresh oil to keep its parts operating properly.  

Tire Care

You’ll also want to pay special attention to your tires once spring arrives. Our service team can check your tire pressure, rotate your tires, align your wheels, and help you pick out new tires if necessary. We can also fix or install new windshield wipers and check your wiper fluid levels as well.  

When you need car service you can trust, contact our used car dealership near Warminster, PA. We’ll make sure your car is clean and fully functional as you head into summer. Stop by soon!