When it comes to the new cars that match your driving goals and lifestyle needs, Patriot Auto Group has you covered. Whether you’re searching for powerful pickup trucks or the perfect SUV for the whole family, we have the best models at the best prices. We’ll also help you keep them running right, with car care tips and reliable vehicle service.  

A little car service can make all the difference, but there are steps you can take to care for your vehicle between appointments as well, including some of the following:  

Check the Manual: The more familiar you are with your vehicle’s service needs and schedule, the easier it will be to keep your car running right. Check the manual so you know when to bring your vehicle in for the next service appointment.  

Use High-Quality Parts: High-quality OEM—or original equipment manufacturer—parts can be a little more expensive at the start, but they’re worth it. They’ll save you money in the long-term and guarantee that your vehicle is as safe and reliable as possible.  

Keep it Clean: Over time, the dirt and debris that kicks up from the road can actually cause damage and corrosion. Protect your vehicle’s paint and the metal below by keeping your vehicle clean.  

Schedule Service: There’s no better way to protect and preserve your vehicle than following a regular auto service schedule. Here at Patriot Auto Group, we offer regular service tasks like oil changes, tire rotations, battery inspections, and more.  

Find the perfect new vehicle and keep it running right here at Patriot Auto Group. Schedule a test drive or service appointment at our dealership today.