The Chevrolet service available here at Patriot Auto Group takes it to the next level. We’re the team you can trust for reliable maintenance and car care, high-quality parts and accessories, and the tips and tricks for keeping your vehicle safe on every ride. Here’s a look at the best steps and practices to take for safe winter driving.

What Should I Do If I Get Stuck in the Snow?

Our Chevy vehicles are safe, powerful, and capable, but it’s still best to be prepared in the event of inclement weather or tough winter driving conditions. Here are a few steps you’ll want to take if your Chevy vehicle gets stuck in the snow:

  • Get to Safety: It’s best to stay with your vehicle, especially if visibility is low. That said, always check your surroundings first. If your vehicle is in an unsafe location, get to safety before calling for help.
  • Try to Rock the Car: One way to potentially dislodge your vehicle from the snow is to rock it gently forward and backward by shifting between drive and reverse. Pay attention to the sounds and feel of the vehicle, and stop if you hear tires squealing.
  • Get Out and Push: Pushing the vehicle is sometimes the best way to get it out of the snow or an icy patch. Make sure someone is in the driver’s seat and always communicate clearly to keep everyone safe.
  • Add Traction: It’s a good idea to carry kitty litter in your winter emergency kit, as this can be helpful for adding traction to slippery surfaces. The floor mats in your Chevy vehicle may also do the trick.

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