Are you interested in adding a car blackout package to your truck or SUV? Patriot Auto Group is here to help. We’ll work one-on-one with your needs, so you can customize and upgrade your vehicle until it really feels like your own. Start with a blackout package upgrade today.

What is a Car Blackout Package?

Are you looking to make your favorite truck look even more bold or stylish? A car blackout package is the way to go. As the name would indicate, this is an optional package that takes the exterior of your vehicle and goes dark. With everything sleek, shiny, and black, you’re sure to make a statement wherever the next ride might lead.

Blackout packages can vary, depending on your vehicle, but you can expect to see the chrome and metal elements on the exterior of your vehicle painted or replaced by black alternatives. This streamlines the entire exterior look of the car.

For instance, on a new Chevy truck, the chrome accessories and upgrades that would be swapped out for black alternatives would include the nameplate, the badges, bow tie, and lettering.

Different car blackout packages also have different wheel options and styles available. Typically, high-shine or high-gloss wheels are painted over, to contribute to that seamless and bold black style. With different options to pick from, you can find a blackout package that meets your customizing needs.

Customize Your Vehicle with Patriot Auto Group

When you’re ready to find the perfect new truck or begin the customization and upgrading process, Patriot Auto Group is here to help. We make it easy to personalize your vehicle and you can get started with a blackout package at our dealership today.