Are you on the search for Certified Pre-Owned cars in Philadelphia? Patriot Auto Group makes it easy to find what you need every time. We believe the best in powerful, capable, and well-equipped models should be available to all of our community’s drivers, and when you purchase a pre-owned or Certified Pre-Owned model, you’ll be able to save big. Learn about your pre-owned vehicle options at our dealership today.

Used Cars at a Glance

If you’re not sure whether a used vehicle is right for you, consider the many benefits. Pre-owned vehicles are less expensive than new cars, which means a lower down payment, lower monthly payments, and smaller in-between costs like sales tax and insurance. And because you’ll be able to pay your vehicle off more quickly, you’ll have a smaller accrued interest cost, as well.

With used cars, you’ll see a lower rate of depreciation, so your vehicle maintains more of its value for future sales. And you’ll be able to check out the reviews and ratings from real drivers who know the vehicles better than anyone.

CPO Cars at a Glance

If you’re looking for a little more peace of mind when you purchase pre-owned, then a Certified Pre-Owned or CPO car might be right for you. CPO vehicles are only a few years old and must have limited mileage to qualify.

They undergo more than 100 unique inspections and upgrades, to ensure they drive at the top of their capacity every time. And because they’re pre-owned, you’ll still see great savings when you buy.

For more information on used and CPO vehicles and to begin the test-driving process, come down to Patriot Auto Group and get behind the wheel of a pre-owned car or truck today.