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GAP Insurance and Used Cars

If your vehicle has been totaled or stolen, your insurance payment may not cover the entire value of your vehicle. That’s where GAP insurance can help. Quite literally, GAP insurance helps to cover the gap between the vehicle’s value and the amount of money offered by the insurance company, so you won’t owe anything in the event of damage or theft.

Should I Buy GAP Insurance for My Use Car?

Most of the time, GAP insurance is reserved for brand new vehicles or cars that are under lease, which can help to protect you from bills and fines. That said, there are a few instances where it can be useful to purchase GAP insurance for your pre-owned vehicle.

This includes vehicles that have term lengths longer than 60 months. In many cases, you’ll end up paying more than your vehicle’s value if it is stolen or damaged when you have a long term length. The same can be said for vehicles where the down payment was lower than 20 percent of the vehicle’s cost.

When thinking about the vehicle cost, be sure to account for in-between fees and costs, like taxes or warranties. Compare the total cost of vehicle ownership against trade-in value when determining if GAP insurance is worthwhile for your pre-owned car.

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