Are you wondering, “where can I schedule vehicle inspections near me?” Then look no further than Patriot Auto Group. We’re here to help on every stage of the vehicle ownership process, which includes inspecting and servicing your vehicle, so it continues to run right. Learn about local inspection requirements at our dealership today.

What to Know About PA Inspections

Different states and regions have different requirements and guidelines for inspections, so it’s always important to do your research before scheduling inspection services. In Pennsylvania, emissions testing is one of the essential elements of the inspection process. Here’s a closer look.

Emissions Requirements Are for Air Quality

The emissions testing program in Pennsylvania was designed to improve air quality and protect residents. By creating a custom emissions program, the state has been able to reduce pollution and improve air quality.

The Test is Two Parts

The emissions test in PA is delivered in two parts. A technician will visually inspect the emissions system for apparent damage or wear. They will also ensure the gas cap is tightened correctly, as loose caps can lead to false readings. Once satisfied, they’ll connect the vehicle to a computerized emissions device to determine if there are errors.

If There Are Errors

Your vehicle has passed the emissions test if the computer diagnostics program reads no errors. If there are errors, a full report of required services and repairs will be provided, and you will be required to return for an inspection after the issues have been addressed.

Getting emissions service doesn’t have to be scary. In addition to inspection services, the dealerships of Patriot Auto Group provide the repairs your vehicle will need if it doesn’t pass. Remember, scheduled maintenance keeps your car roadworthy, so call or click for an appointment today!