Scheduling an oil change may feel like just another errand you need to remember, but the truth is that they’re one of the most important steps you can take when it comes to keeping your vehicle safe. Our team here at Patriot Auto Group is here to share information on the signs that it’s time for your next oil change.

If you notice any of these top five signs, however, it’s time to schedule an oil change at Patriot Auto Group:

Check Engine Light is On

One of the most common reasons the check engine light will come on is because your oil levels or low or your oil is dirty. If you check other common causes and the light remains, it’s time for an oil change.

Vehicle Shakes at Idle

If you notice your car is vibrating or shaking when you idle, that is a good indication that your oil levels are low and need to be replaced.

More Exhaust than Usual

A vehicle with dirty oil will often produce more exhaust, and it will be richer, darker, and more pungent. If you notice a surprising change in vehicle exhaust, it is often because the oil needs to be changed.

Odd Engine Sounds

The oil in your vehicle helps to cool and lubricate the engine so parts don’t grind or scrape. If you notice an increase in engine sounds, the oil is no longer doing its job.

Your Mileage is Dropping

Oil changes are important for many reasons, including fuel efficiency. A noticeable drop in mileage is always a good indication that your oil needs to be changed.

Get the car care you deserve at Patriot Auto Group. Schedule your next oil change today.