The right Chevrolet service is essential to keeping your vehicle safe, comfortable, and responsive out on the open road. It’s especially important in the winter months, when the streets can be icy or covered in salt. Patriot Auto Group is here to help. We’re sharing all the best tips and tricks for protecting your Chevrolet vehicle this chilly season.

Chevrolet Service Winter Tips

Routine service and care is important all year long, but especially when it comes to winter driving. Here are a few simple ways to protect your vehicle this winter, with the support of Patriot Auto Group:

  • Pack Your Winter Kit: It’s always a good idea to have an emergency kit in your vehicle, but it’s particularly important in the winter. Pack essentials like blankets, food, shovels, and batteries, so you can stay safe no matter what.
  • Keep Your Car Clean: In the winter, the salt and grime the road can cause the paint and metal of your Chevrolet vehicle to corrode over time. Keeping your car clean can help to protect it for a long time to come.
  • Check the Battery, Belts, and Hoses: The battery in your vehicle can lose up to 50% of its capacity in temperatures below freezing. Hoses and belts are also prone to cracking and damage in the cold. It’s important to check these parts regularly in the winter to make sure they’re running right.
  • Schedule Routine Service: Our expert Chevrolet service team here at Patriot Auto Group can help. We’ll inspect, replace, and repair your Chevrolet parts and systems all winter long, so you can continue to drive with peace of mind.

Get the care you and your vehicle deserve here at Patriot Auto Group this winter and for many seasons to come. Schedule Chevrolet service today.