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Signs Your Alignment Needs Service

Vehicle alignment is essential for the safety and responsiveness of your car, which is why it’s helpful to recognize when a vehicle is out of alignment. Here are some of the most common signs that your Chevrolet vehicle needs alignment service:

  • The Tires Are Wearing Down Unevenly: It’s important to schedule tire rotations regularly to ensure even tire wear and to protect your alignment. If you notice uneven tire wear, there is more pressure on one side of the vehicle, meaning isn’t aligned evenly.
  • The Vehicle Pulls: Watch how your vehicle responds when you drive in a straight line. If you notice it pulls or veers in one direction, that means the alignment needs to be fixed.
  • The Steering Wheel Doesn’t Return to Center: On modern vehicles, the steering wheel should return to the neutral position when you release pressure. If the steering wheel doesn’t return, your vehicle can no longer recognize a neutral center point because the alignment is off.
  • You Hear Strange Sounds: If your steering wheel or your tires make squeaking or squealing sounds when you turn, that means there’s excess pressure on this system. This may be due to an alignment issue, which requires more driver force to use essential systems.

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