Why is Chevrolet service an essential part of the car ownership process? Routine service keeps your vehicle safe, as well as responsive, efficient, and comfortable. It even helps to maintain your vehicle’s value. That’s why you’ll find year-round Chevrolet service here at Patriot Auto Group, and answers to your pressing questions, like what service tasks should I schedule this summer?

What Service Tasks Should I Schedule This Summer?

Routine service is always a good idea, but different seasons have different service needs. Here are some of the basic service tasks you’ll want to schedule for the hot season.

Coolant Fill-Up

It’s essential to keep your engine cool when driving in hot weather. This will help to reduce the risk of overheating and will protect your car. Coolant cools the engine, so make sure you get your coolant levels checked and that the fluid is flowing properly.

A/C Inspection

In addition to cooling the car, you want to make sure your passengers are comfortable as well. It’s a good idea to get your air conditioning system inspected and your refrigerant filled before you hit the road.

Battery Inspection

Extreme hot and cold temperatures can greatly affect the capacity of your vehicle’s battery. Get your battery inspected for the summer, so you know if it needs to be replaced.

Tire Service

Summer driving conditions and heat can affect the capacity of your tires to maintain proper pressure. In fact, a temperature rise of 10 degrees Fahrenheit can cause your tires to lose 1 PSI of pressure. Our service team will inspect, rotate, and fill your tires as needed.

You can schedule summer service tasks here at Patriot Auto Group, but that’s not all were’ good for. We’ll also match you with the perfect vehicle for your lifestyle, as well as the personalized financing options for your budget. Schedule service you can trust at our dealership today.