Owning a Chevy electric vehicle (EV) comes with the joy of bypassing the gas station, but what about auto service? At Patriot Auto Group of the greater Philadelphia, PA area, we understand the importance of keeping your EV in prime condition. So, let’s dive into the Patriot Chevy service your EV will need.

Battery Inspection and Maintenance

The heart of any electric vehicle is its battery. Our Patriot Chevy Service Center provides comprehensive battery inspections and maintenance to ensure your EV remains efficient. We test for charge capacity, check for any signs of wear and tear, and provide software updates if needed.

Tire Care and Alignment

The importance of tire care in Chevy EVs cannot be overstated. Incorrect tire alignment and pressure can put additional strain on the battery, reducing its efficiency. The service we offer includes precise tire alignments, rotations, and quality tire replacements that will keep you rolling smoothly and efficiently.

Cooling System Check

Electric vehicles use intricate cooling systems to keep both the battery and the electronic components cool. We recommend a cooling system check at least once a year to prevent overheating and maximize performance. Our technicians are trained to service the unique requirements of Chevy electric vehicles.

Get Chevy EV Service in Greater Philadelphia, PA

Patriot Auto Group is dedicated to providing exceptional service to all our customers. You can trust our Chevy dealership near Philadelphia, PA with the specialized care that your Chevy electric vehicle demands. From battery checks to advanced diagnostics, our experts are well-equipped to handle all your EV service needs. Come in and discover the exceptional service that has made us a trusted name for all your vehicle care needs. We look forward to serving you.