As your car accumulates more miles, the parts in your GMC will inevitably experience wear and tear. Regular service appointments are key to ensuring your GMC parts get replaced before they cause irreversible damage.

To stay on top of your parts replacements, visit our parts and service center at Patriot Auto Group in Philadelphia, PA 

Brake Pads and Tires 

Your brake pads need to be in proper working order to provide safe and reliable braking. In general, you should have your brake pads replaced every 40,000 to 50,000 miles, but if you notice that your brakes are acting up or making strange noise, bring your car in for an inspection. You may need to have your brake fluid flushed or your brake rotors replaced. 

A set of tires should last you a long time if you take good care of them and have their pressure checked multiple times throughout the year. Tire rotations and wheel alignments can ensure all four of your tires experience even tread wear, preventing flat tires and even blowouts.

On average, you’ll need to have your tires replaced every six years or so.  

Car Battery, A/C, and Air Filter 

You won’t get far without a functioning car battery. Your battery is the heart of your car and needs to be tested at least twice per year. Car batteries may also need to be recharged or replaced if your car is exposed to extreme weather conditions. On average, car batteries should be replaced every three to five years or so.  

Not only does your car A/C keep you cool, but it also prevents your engine and battery from overheating. Most car A/C units last for eight to ten years, so make sure to have yours checked every once in a while.

Car air filters are another common part that needs replacing. You should have this car part replaced every 15,000 to 30,000 miles.  

When your GMC Terrain has a faulty part, bring it to Patriot Auto Group. We’ll outfit your vehicle with reliable parts that will serve you for years to come.