The world of used car financing can make budgeting seem a little stressful. However, when you go with a dealership like Patriot Auto Group, you can have help during the whole process to make things a bit easier.

If you are thinking about financing a used car, you may find the following tips and tricks useful.  

Used Car Financing 101: Down Payments 

When you finance a car, you make a down payment and pay off the rest of your purchase with monthly payments and interest. “Interest” can be a scary word in the world of financing, but you can lower your interest rate and have a bit of flexibility with your loan term when you make a larger down payment.  

Unless you need a car right this second, consider holding off until you can make a considerable down payment.  

What Goes Into Research? 

Many used car shoppers worry that dealers will only show them the most expensive used cars. However, at Patriot Auto Group, we have a massive inventory of used vehicles ready for purchase, and we encourage you to research them beforehand to learn which ride is best suited for you.  

Whether you need ample cargo room, enough seating for your family, or modern bells and whistles, we have a vehicle that will fit your needs.  

How We Can Help 

If you visit our website, you can see all of the tools we have to help you during the financing process. For example, our payment calculator can help you estimate your monthly payments so you’re better informed before you sign on the dotted line.  

Patriot Auto Group is on a mission to make used car financing less stressful, so stop by today to learn how we can help you!