Are you on the search for a used SUV for sale in Philadelphia? Patriot Auto Group is here to help. We won’t just match you with the perfect pre-owned vehicle at the ideal price. We’ll also help you to maintain and care for that car for a long time to come. Enjoy the many benefits of purchasing and servicing a pre-owned vehicle at Patriot Auto Group today.

New Versus Used Vehicles

There are many advantages to purchasing pre-owned vehicles, like significant savings and a lower depreciation rate. You’ll find many of the same service needs as new cars — oil changes, filter changes, tire replacements, and wheel alignment among them — but there are some differences to keep in mind when servicing your pre-owned car.

Get the Service Records

When you purchase your pre-owned vehicle, you want to ensure you get the vehicle’s maintenance history. The more you know about how the car was serviced and maintained in the past, the easier it will be to care for it moving forward.

Understand that Service Intervals May Be Shorter

As vehicles age, the time between car service appointments may shorten. That’s simply because the parts and systems can begin to wear down, and because routine service will help you to catch any repair or replacement needs early.

You’ll Need Replacements

Pre-owned vehicles will need replacements sooner than brand new cars for items like tires, batteries, and lights because those components have already logged some use. As with any vehicle purchase, be sure to factor maintenance costs into your pre-owned vehicle purchasing budget. Learn more about purchasing and maintaining pre-owned vehicles here at Patriot Auto Group. Visit our dealership to test drive a pre-owned vehicle for yourself today.