When shopping for a new Chevrolet or Buick car for sale, it helps to know about the different features found on each model. This is why it’s helpful to do an AWD vs. FWD drive comparison, so you can know what to look for in a new car. Here at Patriot Auto Group, we have great selections of new cars in each drivetrain, so you can shop our selection and find the model that suits you best.


When shopping our online inventory, you may come across several types of features found on each car, including the drivetrain or “driveline.” Some common ones to spot are AWD and FWD. But what do these mean?

Most vehicles start with FWD, which is short for “front-wheel drive.” This simply means that power is only sent to the two front wheels of the vehicle. This is typically the best drivetrain for everyday practicality and efficiency, which is why it is offered as a standard drivetrain on most vehicles, especially sedans.

Another common drivetrain to find on vehicles is AWD, which stands for all-wheel drive. On this drivetrain, power is distributed between the four wheels based on the need for torque and grip. As you can imagine, this drivetrain is well-suited for off-roading and all-weather driving.

New Cars at Patriot Auto Group

Here at our dealership, you can find a vast assortment of cars for any driving need. If you are looking for efficiency and agility, check out a new Buick Envision, which comes standard with FWD. Thanks to the brilliant design and smart engineering, this vehicle can get you up to 31 MPG highway.

Perhaps you want a bit more adventure from your driving experience. The spacious and stylish Chevy Equinox could be the right choice for you. Available with AWD, this crossover SUV is designed to handle muddy or snowy conditions with poise.

Head over to our Buick dealership today to give your driving experience a boost.