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Step Rails for Trucks

Step rails actually go by many names, including step bars, step sides, and nerf bars, but they all play the same role. They’re found on larger pick-up trucks and SUVs because they’re designed to help you get into a taller vehicle in safety and comfort.

If you drive a large truck for big builds and big adventures, or you customize and lift your vehicle, step rails may be a good addition to your ride, especially if you have children or elderly relatives who need to access your vehicle.

And you have lots of different options to pick from. When it comes to step rails, you can find round or oval shapes, rails with hoops, straight rails, and even single steps for a more subtle accessory. If you want to take your custom rails to the next level, consider power running boards, which raise and lower electronically.

When picking the right step rails for your pick-up truck, you want to consider size and shape. You can find rails that run the length of the cabin or wheel-to-wheel bars that are the entire length of the truck. Width is another area of customization, as are the finishes. Pick between polish, chrome, paint, and more.

Patriot Auto Group Step Rail Installation

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